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Hello Friends Today I am going to Explain you about Importance and usefulness of Social Media in 2014.

SEO is becoming sturdy day by day because of regular updates in various algorithms of Google called Panda, Penguin and Hummingbird. Social Media Plays very important Role in 2014 as it is the best platform to share and reach your targeted Audience and potential customers.

In this competitive world, it’s a tough job to find your profitable customers. So let your customer find you with a treasure trunk called Social Media. In this world of social networking, people are habituated to find everything of their daily needs on this important platform. Let’s try to serve them what they want with the use of this famous platform itself.

In this Article, We will be talking about Five most popular social Medias.
1) Facebook 2) Twitter 3) Google+ 4) Pinterest 5) LinkedIn

The Value of Social Media:

(1) Building and engaging a community: social media can do wonders when it comes to communicate with your audience. The first step to build a community is to develop a useful content for them on regular basis. Always try to be creative in terms of publishing info graphics, industry articles, blog posts to win the game of engaging customers with your site and strengthen your brand.

(2) Moving from “like” to “love” to “click” to “sell”: Put your efforts on engaging customers in such a way to starting from liking, they should be love to be habitual about your brand. Forming bonds can take you high to the long term relationships. Rather than bringing customers, efforts should be more optimized to click and convert them.

(3) It’s not just about Marketing: Businesses are addicted to load up their marketing cannons with promotions, launches, announcements, offers rather than delivering useful contents. Actually a step to the right direction should be engaging audiences by asking and answering questions, offering advices and taking part in real time conversions.

(4) Improve your Customer Service: Always try to simplify the ways for customers to contact you. Exceed the expectations of your customers by improving customer service. When it comes to help in any manner, you should always be there to convince with your service.

(5) Create your User Community: Forming your own community targeted to specific audience will provide a wide area to market product and service. Customers will feel more involved and return to website.



Facebook was started in 2004, mainly focused on College students. After More than 9 years and more than 1 billion active users, Facebook is widely used and most preferable Social Media network.

Activities performed in Facebook:

1) Create and Follow the Groups
2) Create an Events
3) Share Images, Videos, Content etc.
4) Create Business Pages
5) Create Facebook Ads
6) Chat with your Friends


Twitter was Found in 2006. Twitter allows to post 140 character Description. Share anything like Breaking news, Sports news, Entertainment news etc. Twitter works as a Great Media Tool. Majority of Celebrities has an account in twitter.

1) Activities performed in Twitter:
2) Create your Profile Fabulously
3) Tweet your News
4) Create Tweet Ads
5) Share Images, Videos etc.
6) Follow your Industries People


Google+ Founded in 2011. It is such a popular Social media that in 2012, it has a active users at 135 million. Research says that 70% male and 30% female use Google+.

Google+ is Used for Sharing Images, Videos etc. It is a one kind of mixture of Facebook and Twitter.


Pinterest has 20 million monthly active users (70 million registered users). Pinterest has more than 50 million unique visitors per month. 5 million “article pins” per day. Women likes pinterest five times than men. US users spends more than one hour each month. Pinterest drives more referral traffic than twitter, linkedin and Reddit.

Pinterest is the one kind of Image Search Engine. Users can Share their products and services images, videos. Pinterest is not so popular like Facebook, Twitter. Google does not give importance to pinterest in search ranking as much as Facebook and Twitter.

Activities performed in Pinterest:

1) Sharing the cool stuff
2) Sharing the Images and Videos
3) Create your Wonderful Profile
4) Create Business Page
5) Pin a wonderful stuff like it and comment on it


LinkedIn is a world’s Largest Professional Social Network. Connect with your friends, colleagues, employees and clients. LinkedIn has more than 238 million registered users.

Activities performed in LinkedIn:

1) Make your Business Profile regularly Up to date and Active
2) Promote your products and services
3) Solicit recommendation for your company, product or service page
4) Create groups, Follow groups and share something professional.
5) Create LinkedIn Ads
6) Conversion with your client and friends with Messaging

There are many Social Media platforms like You Tube, Instagram, Tumbler, Reddit, Blogging, Flicker and many more.

Social Media is the heart of Marketing. Marketing efforts are just useless without implementing Social media in practice. I hope This Blog Post Will help You. Give me your Feedback and Comments, Very Happy to Help You Guys. Thanks a lot.

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